How to work with our Campus

It is simple ...

Even though we hope most of our Campus is self-explanatory, in this short post we explain how everything works, so your Campus experience will be valuable.

Before you got here you probably already saw the course overview page shown below.

On the lower part of this screenshot you can see the category tabs of the courses on the campus. 

They are self-Reflection, Leadership, and Team related. Some courses fit under more than one of those categories.

The number of courses on our Campus is constantly growing. The content is primarily based on the needs and requests of our clients.

You will find more comprehensive courses, smaller modules and learning nuggets. The difference is primarily in the depth in which they cover a certain subject. 
We are also offering some FREE learning nuggets or modules for our clients.

How to access more information about the content ...

If the information provided in the course overview about one or more of the subjects interests you, follow the link Learn more to get details.

This brings you to the overview page of this particular module or learning element.  It also shows the course fees.

You can already get an idea about the content of the courses when you access the curriculum (second tab). Yet, you will not get any further until you have enrolled in the course.

You have to register with us to enrol ...

We do not provide the option to self-register to our Campus. So please send us a request for access and we provide you with login-details.

Once you are a registered user to the Campus you can enrol in free courses or buy the not-so-free ones.

Then you are ready to go!

Bernhard Zimmermann

We hope you will enjoy the experience and find our resources useful.

And if you have any questions about our content or want to discuss in more detail what it can do for you, feel free to contact us.

Thank you very much for your interest and we look forward to being in touch with you.