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Standard: Explore your Purpose of existence

At a certain stage in life it is very normal that we are asking ourselves questions about our existence, and specifically our purpose in life. This can happen at different ages and is not necessarily connected to a midlife crisis. All research done by experts in the field of positive psychology and well-being shows that purpose has two key aspects for each person:

  1. It enables us to give meaning to our life and energise ourselves to do what we are best at and inspired by.
  2. It gives us direction when we are moving forward in our life or coming at crossroads in our career or life stages.

In this course we have developed a process that can help you to find out more about your purpose in life. This journey is generally not linear and cannot be completed within a few hours. It takes time between lessons and exercises. Sometimes it may even feel like you are going round in circles. However, this time is necessary to explore different aspects and crystallise the picture of your purpose in life. And it is well worth it.

The starting point we have chosen and a key element is reading the book: The Why Café. We combine it with different videos and several reflective exercises supporting you in clarifying your purpose of existence.

Note: This version of the course includes a 20-minute online laser-coaching to be able to have a sparring partner for first thoughts and ideas. For even more extended coaching, you can also check-out the premium version.

We wish you an inspiring and exciting journey!


I have more than 16 years of professional experience in FMCG internationally. In this period I worked in different European countries and in various functions, i.e. Supply Chain, Research & Development and Technical Marketing interfaces, with more than 14 years of experience as line manager in assignments spanning from factory management to programme management in corporate research.
In early 2005 I decided to become an independent coach working across Europe.

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