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Con-TACT Campus course: Develop your Effectiveness – be a Player

Personal Effectiveness

Taking responsibility even in situations that seem out of your control strengthens your effectiveness as a leader! Learn how to adopt a Player Attitude.

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Con-TACT Campus course: Vour entry to practising mindfulness

Mindfulness Practices

Learn about mindfulness and get introduced to meditation exercises. Many of our clients are already keen users to de-stress on busy days.

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Coaching Foundation

We offer our coaching clients and interested business leaders the opportunity to learn about the model our coaching is built on.

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Learner Attitude

Learn how to shift from someone who knows it all and often clashes with others (Knower) to someone with an open mind to other perspectives (Learner).

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Con-TACT Campus course: Open your mind to a player attitude

Player Attitude

Learn how to shift from feeling like a powerless victim of outside circumstances to assuming responsibility and taking on a Player attitude.

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