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Please NOTE: All our premium courses contain advanced material (compared with the standard version) and include a one-hour-session of online coaching with one of us.
Additional coaching is optional and can be booked when required.

Con-TACT Campus course: Establish your personal purpose

Establish your Purpose

Explore your purpose in life in-depth through our approach of self-reflective exercises in combination with video- and reading-material and one hour online-coaching.

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Con-TACT Campus course: Create an inspirational vision

Inspirational Vision

Visionary leadership is a very powerful leadership style. Create an inspirational vision that will significantly increase the motivation of your people.

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Con-TACT Campus course: Master your Effectiveness – be a Player

Personal Effectiveness

Premium: Taking responsibility even in situations that seem out of your control strengthens your effectiveness as a leader! Master your Player Attitude. Includes one hour coaching

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Con-TACT Campus: Make your appraisals highly effective

Performance Appraisal

Performance reviews can be tough but they are essential in helping people to develop and grow. Make appraisaly highly effective for you and your direct reports.

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