About Us and Our Campus

We are a team of highly motivated coaches and trainers who are keen to utilise available technology to ensure efficient and sustainable development of business leaders.

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The history of Campus

We originally designed the Campus as an e-learning element of our blended learning programme for virtual leadership. 

Over time we realised that some of the elements we had designed and developed for our leadership programme delivery can be very helpful and valuable to our coaching clients.

Blended coaching

We started developing blended coaching programmes as well and developed more elements of small themes which appeared very helpful for some of the questions we have come across in our coaching conversations over time.

The content

In our Campus you will find the content under three categories. In each of these categories you find modules, smaller or larger, of typical themes which we consider very helpful, based on our experience when working with leaders.

Learning categories

The aim here is to help to get you more grounded, to create more insights about yourself, and about your mindsets.

Here we dive into different elements of leadership foundation, virtual leadership and subjects like performance reviews.

This category offers elements of team leadership, team development, and team dynamics.

Some of the material meets more than one of those categories.

The modules are still part of our coaching and provided to our clients as and when appropriate. And we decided to offer them to other interested business leaders too.

Tailored content - not public

For clients with specific requirements we may agree to develop custom modules. They will be accessible here, but not to the general visitor or even registered users.

We hope you enjoy the experience!

And if you have any feedback: we are always interested in your thoughts and suggestions, your ideas about what is missing, or elements you would like to see. Or if you want to find out more and discuss your requirements in more details, feel free to contact us.